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Tetra by rongs1234

I will get my Comments out of the way.

I love this picture and it has a very good sense of flare! It has a really good sense of flow with the gesture provided. The toony-ness of it is very neat and it translates well in your style. I enjoy the color selection and the sense of spirit it has. Great work.

My following critique will speak of things that could make this piece go to the next level, however the critique I say does not mean it is a bad picture, it means that you can learn to improve from these, it is not me bashing your picture and moreso providing what you asked for. (disclaimer haha) I really enjoy this piece and I like the charm it has to it, so by no means is it bad.

Onto the Critique.

(Whenever I speak in terms of left and rights I am speaking of our sense of left and right when viewing through our point of view.)

The main things that pop out have to be the arms and ankle. The upper right arm has a general lack of curvature on it, why this is important to execute is because you define that there is curve on the right forearm. While were still there, you don't transition the arm into the pectoral muscle of the chest (aka, you didn't define an armpit when the perspective you chose clearly would have one.)

The left forearm is very short and you don't portray perspective correctly if you're trying to have the sword point away from us.

The ankles on the left and right are not in scale correctly, the left one is far more large, while the right one is thinner, the sense of proportion is skewed.

I hope this helps and you get what you need from it!
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